The Conference

Alzheimer’s Disease International 2020 Conference

Alzheimer’s Disease Association

Alzheimer’s Disease Association (ADA) was formed in 1990 because of a growing concern for the needs of persons living with dementia and their caregivers. Through our work, the Association hopes to reduce stigma by increasing awareness and understanding of dementia; enabling and involving persons living with dementia to be integrated and accepted in the community; and leading in the quality of dementia care services for persons living with dementia and their families. Striving towards a dementia inclusive society through our four strategic service pillars; Centre-Based Care, Caregiver Support, Academy and Community Enabling, the Association aims to advocate and inspire the society to regard and respect persons living with dementia as individuals who can still lead purposeful and meaningful lives. Learn more about ADA here.

Alzheimer’s Disease International 2020 Conference

Alzheimer’s Disease International

ADI is the international federation of Alzheimer associations around the world, in official relations with the World Health Organization (WHO) and in consultative status with the United Nations (UN). ADI currently has 90 members, each member being the Alzheimer association in their country who support people living with dementia and their families. ADI believes that the key to winning the fight against dementia lies in a unique combination of global solutions and local knowledge. As such, it works locally, by empowering Alzheimer associations to promote and offer care and support for people living with dementia and their carers, whilst working globally to focus attention on dementia. There are over 46 million people estimated to be living with dementia around the world and this number is set to reach 131.5 million in 2050. ADI’s vision is prevention, care and inclusion today, and cure tomorrow. Learn more about ADI here.

ADI Scientific Programme Committee (SPC)

Prof Serge Gauthier, Canada (Chair)
Dr Hamed Al Sinawi, Oman
Dr Hanadi Al-Hamed, Qatar
Prof Suvarna Alladi, India
Dr Ricardo Allegri, Argentina
Dr Mohammad Arbabi, Iran
Dr Ali Atri, USA
Prof Henry Brodaty, Australia
Dr Andrea Fabbo, Italy
Dr Richard Faull, New Zealand
Dr Ishtar Govia, Jamaica
Ms Iva Holmoverá, Czech Republic
Dr Georges Karam, Lebanon
Mr Shamil Mo, Sri Lanka
Dr Jose Luis Molinuevo, Spain
Dra Ninoska Ocampo, Bolivia
Prof Adesola Ogunniyi, Nigeria
Prof Craig Ritchie, UK
Prof Vorapun Senangarong, Thailand
Dr Alina Solomon, Finland
Ms Li Yu Tang, Chinese Taipei
Dr Yuda Turana, Indonesia
Dr Huali Wang, China
Mrs Wendy Weidner, UK
Prof Anders Wimo, Sweden
Prof Kim Ki Woong, Republic of Korea

Local Scientific Programme Committee (SPC)

Dr Wee Shiong Lim (Chair)
Ms Philomena Anthony
Dr Mei Sian Chong
Dr Nagaendran Kandiah
Dr Li Ling Ng
Dr Feng Yuan

International Advisory Board (IAB)

Dr Noorhazlina Ali, Singapore
Dr Sharon Andrews, Australia
Ms Mary Austrom, USA
Prof Dawn Brooker, UK
A/Prof Angelique Chan, Singapore
Prof Lynn Chenoweth , Australia
Dr Habib Chowdhury, Bangladesh
Mr Diego de Leo, Italy
Dr Amit Dias, India
Mr Sam Fazio, USA
Ms Lynda Hutton, UK
Dr Motoharu Kawai , Japan
Mr Piers Knotting, UK
Mr Dan Kuhn, USA
Ms Sue Kurrle, Australia
Dr Tau Ming Liew, Singapore
Prof Lee-Fay Low, Australia
Prof Kalyani Mehta, Singapore
A/Prof Tze Pin Ng, Singapore
Dr Wai Chong Ng, Singapore
Prof Philip Poi, Malaysia
Ms Mary Robinson, Scotland
Ms Mary Sano, USA
Dr Heriawan Soejono, Indonesia
Dr Roberto Ventura, Uruguay
Mr Philip Yap, Singapore
Prof Deen , Bangladesh
Dr Laura Booi, USA/Ireland