ADI Scientific Programme Committee

Prof. Serge Gauthier (Canada) – Chair
Dr. Hamed Al Sinawi (Oman)
Dr. Hanadi Al-Hamed (Qatar)
Prof. Suvarna Alladi (India)
Dr. Ricardo Allegri (Argentina)
Dr. Mohammad Arbabi (Iran)
Dr. Alireza Atri (USA)
Prof. Henry Brodaty (Australia)
Dr. Andrea Fabbo (Italy)
Dr. Richard Faull (New Zealand)
Dr. Ishtar Govia (Jamaica)
Ms. Iva Holmoverá (Czech Republic)
Dr. Georges Karam (Lebanon)
Mr. Shamil Mohamed (Sri Lanka)
Dr. Jose Luis Molinuevo (Spain)
Dra. Ninoska Ocampo (Bolivia)
Prof. Adesola Ogunniyi (Nigeria)
Prof. Craig Ritchie (UK)
Prof. Vorapun Senangarong (Thailand)
Dr. Alina Solomon (Finland)
Ms. Li Yu, Tang (Chinese Taipei)
Dr. Yuda Turana (Indonesia)
Dr. Huali, Wang (China)
Mrs. Wendy Weidner (UK)
Prof. Anders Wimo (Sweden)
Dr. Ki-Woong, Kim (Republic of Korea)

Local Scientific Programme Committee

Dr. Wee Shiong, Lim – Chair
Dr. Li Ling, Ng – Co-chair
Ms. Philomena Anthony
Dr. Mei Sian, Chong
A/Prof. Nagaendran Kandiah
Dr. Feng Yuan, Yao


Dr. Noorhazlina Ali (Singapore)
Dr. Sharon Andrews (Australia)
Prof. Olusegun Baiyewu (Nigeria)
Dr. Linda Barclay (Australia)
Mr. Matthew Baumgart (USA)
Dr. Laura Booi (USA/Ireland)
Prof. Carol Brayne (UK)
Prof. Dawn Brooker (UK)
Dr. William Brooks (Australia)
A/Prof. Angelique Chan (Singapore)
Prof. Lynn Chenoweth (Australia)
Dr. Habib Chowdhury (Bangladesh)
Mr. Diego de Leo (Italy)
Dr. Amit Dias (India)
Dr. Temitope Farombi (Nigeria)
Mr. Sam Fazio (USA)
Dr. Karen Harrison-Dening (UK)
Ms. Lynda Hutton (UK)
Ms. Stefania Ilinca (Romania)
Dr. Motoharu Kawai (Japan)
Prof. Mark S. Kindy (USA)
Prof. Emeritus Amos D Korczyn (Israel)
Prof. Piers Kotting (UK)
Ms. Sue Kurrle (Australia)
Prof. Brian Lawlor (UK)
Dr. Tau Ming, Liew (Singapore)
Prof. Juan J. Llibre-Rodriguez (Cuba)
Prof. Lee-Fay Low, (Australia)
Prof. Kalyani Mehta (Singapore)
Mr. Dustin Nowaskie (USA)
A/Prof. Tze Pin, Ng (Singapore)
Dr. Wai Chong, Ng (Singapore)
Prof. Celestine Obua (Uganda)
Mr. Martin Orrell (UK)
Mr. Jim Pearson (Scotland)
Prof. Philip Poi (Malaysia)
Ms. Mary Sano (USA)
Dr. Farshad Sharifi (Iran)
Dr. Heriawan Soejono (Indonesia)
Mr. Randy Stefan (Canada)
Prof. Bengt Winblad (Sweden)
A/Prof. Philip Yap (Singapore)

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