There are also some other resources available in the community to aid caregivers in caring for persons with dementia. They are listed here as a general service, and ADA disclaims any financial interest in any of the enterprises. Should you encounter issues with any of the vendors listed here, please inform us here so that we can review the usefulness of this list or resources.

Assistive Equipment


ADS Healthcare Products (Tel: 8222 6363)

Alphamed Pte Ltd (Tel: 6776 0549)

Assisted Living Pte Ltd  (Tel: 6254 2916 / 6254 2927)

DNR Wheels Pte Ltd (Tel: 6254 4070)

Easy Wheel Service & Trading (Tel: 6256 5138)

Huntleigh Healthcare Pte Ltd (Tel: 6289 4511)

KCI Medical Asia Pte Ltd (Tel: 1800 742 9929)

Lifeline Corporation Pte Ltd (Tel: 6289 2062)

NTUC Health Co-operative Ltd  (Tel: 6590 4300)

Pharmex Marketing (Tel: 6841 0636)

Rehab Mart (Tel: 6250 0555)

Regards Homecare (Tel: 6443 9311)

Sincere Int’l Marketing Pte Ltd (Tel: 6286 5479)

South-Asia Biomedical Engineering Pte Ltd (Tel: 6563 6223)

Wellink Healthcare (Tel: 6242 2088)

Financial Assistance

Family caregivers who may require additional financial resources to cope with the costs relating to caring for persons with dementia, the following are some information and resources available in Singapore.


Community Development Councils (CDCs)
There are 5 CDCs in Singapore to provide financial assistance. Please look for the one nearer your residing area.

An endowment fund set up by the Government to help needy Singaporeans who are unable to pay for their medical expenses.

Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS)
An affordable healthcare for needy elderly and disabled Singaporeans by Ministry of Health, such that such needy patients can receive subsidised treatment at General Practitioners and dental clinics near their homes.

Government Subsidy for Healthcare Services
Singapore Government provides financial assistance in the form of subsidies to the needy patients who need healthcare related services, through Means Testings framework.

Interim Disability Assistance Programme for the Elderly (IDAPE)
IDAPE is a government assistance scheme providing financial help to needy and disabled elderly Singaporeans, who are not eligible for ElderShield because of their age or pre-existing disabilities.

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