ADI accreditation project launch

ADI accreditation project launch

11:40PM to 12:40PM GMT
7:40PM to 8:40PM GMT +8 (Asia/Singapore)
10:40PM to 11:40PM GMT + 11 (Australia/Sydney)
12:40PM to 1:40PM CET (Central European Time)
6:40AM to 7:40AM EST (Eastern Standard Time)


The needs of people of living with dementia and their carers change over time and in order  to ensure that the best care is provided, care systems need to respond appropriately, as  detailed in the ADI World Alzheimer Report 2016.  


This involves maintaining regular contact, monitoring and reviewing care plans, and  providing support to meet needs when they arise whilst ensuring that care is continuous and  person-centred. 


ADI aims to support the improvement of care for people with dementia and reduce on the  variation in the quality of care provided, regardless of where in the world care is taking  place. Additionally, ADI aims to ensure a more focused approach on meeting people’s needs  by providing the global recognition on institutional deliverables on high quality programmes 


These programmes will provide a structured approach to the knowledge and skills of participants, as well as establishing standards that the providers of the programmes would  need to adhere to. Through successful completion, providers of the programmes can earn  ADI Accreditation. This allows providers to proudly present that they have received global recognition for meeting the standards of ADI, which ensures integrity and quality at all levels.



  • Paola Barbarino (Chair), United Kingdom
  • DY Suharya, Indonesia
  • Mary Flynn, United Kingdom
  • Taylor Paatalo, United Kingdom
  • Alice Tsang, Macau
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