Voice of Dementia

“Voice of Dementia” is a newsletter published by the Alzheimer’s Disease Association with news on events, tips for caregivers, upcoming training workshops and medical news. To get a copy for yourself, you can visit us at one of our office locations or events. A preview is available below.


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Please note that hard copies of our magazine are not available for subscription, and can only be picked up by hand at our office locations and events, while stocks last. Subscription is available ONLY for our online newsletter.

Current Issue (January 2019)


    • A Dementia-Friendly Conference
    • Dissecting Dementia
    • A Night of Love
    • Taking Time to Serve

    • Virtual Reality Possible Therapy to Fight Dementia
    • The Necessity of White Lies
    • Preeclampsia may Increase Risk of Dementia Threefold
    • A New Guardian Against Alzheimer’s: Coffee

    • “How can I tell my father about my mother’s passing without hurting him repeatedly?”

    • The Language of Love
    • New Additions to the ADA Family
    • Putting the Care in Caregiving
    • Recycling for a Good Cause
    • The Heart of Justice
    • Fortune Favours the Fun
    • A Kale Tale
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Past Issues

Current Issue (August 2018)


    • On the Road(shows)
    • Golf Cause
    • Interactive Impact

    • Music may make Symptoms more Manageable
    • Robots may soon be the Future of Alzheimer’s Care
    • Researchers Reverse Dementia-related Brain Damage in Mice

    • “What can I do to calm a person with dementia when she gets upset or anxious for no obvious reason?”
    • “What can I do to prevent a family member from wandering about when left at home?”

    • Dennis Frost: Paving the Way for Dementia-Friendly Communities
    • Springs of Charity
    • Putting the Care in Caregiving
    • A Race Against Time
    • Put your Heart where your Flag is
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    • Remember Me: World Alzheimer’s Month 2017
    • Girl Power: Belle Moto Asia All Women Charity Ride
    • Diagnosed but not Defeated: Dementia Symposium 2017 – It can Strike Early

    • Asia Pacific Regional Conference Advocates Life-cycle Approach to Dementia
    • Traumatic Brain Injuries Increase Future Dementia Risk
    • Bill Gates Donates $100-million to Find Alzheimer’s Cure
    • New Blood Test Detects Alzheimer’s

    • “How can I get over guilt over losing my patience with my mother who has dementia?”
    • “How do I communicate effectively with someone living with dementia?”

    • Staring Down Dementia
    • Guardians of Memory
    • A Closer Look at Person-centred Dementia Care
    • Planting Seeds of Kindness
    • Winning with Walnuts
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    • Out To Lunch @ Dignity Kitchen
    • Greater Emphasis on Dementia in Singapore
    • More Singing Please!

    • Early Diagnosis the Key Message for World Alzheimer’s Month 2017
    • Booming Alzheimer’s Growth to Test China’s Healthcare System
    • Possible Common Thread found among Alzheimer’s Parkinson’s and Huntington’s Diseases
    • Fighting Dementia with … Disco!

    • “How can I help family and friends better interact with persons with dementia (PwD)?”
    • “What’s the best way to respond to aggressive behaviour from a person with dementia?”

    • “I want to take care of her while I still can”
    • A Dementia-safe Haven: Making your Home Dementia-proof
    • Green Fingers, Colourful Minds
    • 5 Berry good ways to improve Mental Health
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    • A hike down memory lane.
    • Family of Wisdom Art Exhibition at Tan Tock Seng Hospital
    • Toa Payoh New Horizon Centre Re-opens
    • World Alzheimer’s Month 2016 Activities at Toa Payoh West CC

    • Annual Neurocognitive Symposium to be held in March
    • Celebrities urge Families to continue visiting relatives with Dementia
    • Brushstroke Analysis Reveals Patterns of Dementia Development
    • Consuming a handful of Walnuts daily may help fight Alzheimer’s

    • “Since my mother was diagnosed with AD, her sleep pattern has changed and she has problems falling asleep. How can I make sleep time easier for her?”
    • “It is stressful for caregivers when a person with AD repeats something over and over again. What’s the best way to respond in such situations?”

    • Dementia at Work: Dementia should not come between you and a fulfilling, extended work life
    • Sooner rather than Later: the Importance of Early Diagnosis
    • Grooving to a Healthier Brain
    • More than just Guacamole
Alzheimer’s Disease International 2020 Conference
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