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MARCH 2018

Dementia activist Kate Swaffer encourages those with dementia to reclaim their pre-dementia life. With the incurable nature of the disease, a person with dementia may be tempted to feel that all is lost.

But being diagnosed with dementia is not receiving a death sentence, as Kate has shown us through her own life. A renewed perspective–coupled with a steely determination and thirst for life–can enable one to turn their circumstances around and live a full life. Despite being dealt a bad hand, a person with dementia can still finish strong. It’s how you choose to write your own story.

The same can be said for the caregiver. The frustration and sense of isolation from doing this thankless task can drain you of life’s joy. But rather than be overwhelmed by this noble role, derive satisfaction in the fact that you’re making a positive difference to the lives of others, and in the process, hopefully, you’ll gain the joy of giving and a greater appreciation for life.

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With the ascent of dementia showing no signs of abating, perhaps the best way moving forward is prevention. Contrary to popular belief, dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease is not solely a problem for the old and aged. Neither does the factor of aging mean that there’s nothing we can do to stave off the effects of the disease. Reducing your risk of dementia starts with incorporating healthy activities into your daily routine and making smart lifestyle decisions. Research suggests that leading a brain-healthy lifestyle may help to reduce a person’s risk of developing dementia later in life. The good news? You’re never too young to get started. Here are some top tips on keeping dementia at bay. READ MORE HERE.



CSG in Mandarin: Managing Expectations as a Caregiver

17 March 2018
FOW (Tiong Bahru)

Training Workshops for FDWs: Core Module

14 April 2018
ARTC (Bendemeer)

CSG: Holistic Well-being for Persons with Dementia

12 May 2018 onwards
CSC (Bendemeer)

For upcoming courses for PROFESSIONAL CAREGIVERS, visit alz.org.sg/pro



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She was the sociable, lively hostess whom friends loved to be around. And then one day, she wasn’t that anymore. Frustrated at losing who she was, she’d have moments of violent temper. Being around her became a draining ordeal. Her son Galen grapples with the challenges of looking after a loved one with dementia, as he documents the changes in her over the years. – Source: CNA Insider SEE MORE VIDEOS


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