Volunteer with us

Being a non-profit organisation, ADA operates with limited resources. Very often, the success of our events depends very much on your contributions!

Some important notes on voluntary work:

Due to the nature of dementia which can affect the moods and behaviour of Persons with Dementia, ADA has to conform to certain welfare and risk-management guidelines in order to protect the interests of all parties. As such, volunteers must meet the following criteria for some of our volunteer work.

1. Must be at least 18 years old if you wish to be involved in direct interaction with our clients with dementia. This requirement does not apply to non-direct interaction where you may simply want to perform and entertain our clients. For those below 18, you may consider indirect volunteering involving no interaction with our clients. Volunteers below 18 will need to fill in a parental consent form, have it signed by their parent/guardian and bring it along for the volunteering session.

2. All volunteers are required to attend a mandatory volunteer orientation conducted by ADA to understand how to interact with Persons with Dementia. This session covers the Volunteer Code of Conduct and guidelines on volunteer safety and welfare. The orientation will be held on weekdays during working hours and weekday evenings when a class size of at least 10 is reached.

3. Knowledge of dialects such as Hokkien, Cantonese or Teochew is helpful but not essential. The most important attribute is that you must be comfortable interacting with Persons with Dementia.

As ADA coordinates numerous overlapping volunteer groups of similar interests, we might not be able accede to all groups for a particular time slot. We urge all potential volunteer groups to contact us at least 2 months in advance before the intended date of volunteerism. Please seek our input before determining the nature of the volunteering activity and do note that our New Horizon Centres (NHC) can only accommodate between 5 to 15 volunteers at any one time. Given the nature of dementia and our commitment to minimise disruption and inconvenience to our clients, we may not always be able to accommodate all suggested activities. Kindly contact us in advance and firm up your volunteerism plans after consulting us.

Volunteering Opportunities

Click here for details on current volunteering opportunities.

Volunteer with Us!

Sign up as a volunteer* via this link or download the form and email it to volunteer@adi2020.org.

* Please provide full information in support of your application. All volunteer vacancies are subjected to availability.

For volunteer-related matters,  please email your request to our Volunteer Coordinator at  volunteer@adi2020.org .

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