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The Alzheimer’s Disease Association (ADA) is a voluntary welfare organisation and is made up of caregivers, professionals and all who are interested in dementia. The ADA provides daycare for people with dementia, as well as services such as counselling, support groups, information and referral, public education talks, conducts training and workshops for caregivers.


Memories Cafe

15 Jun 2019
Food For Thought @ National Museum

Family Caregiver Training Programme – Core Module

29 Jun 2019
ARTC (Bendemeer)

Caregiver Support Group (English) – Knowing LPA, MCA and Will

29 Jun 2019
NHC (Jurong Point)



As a non-profit organisation, ADA operates with limited resources. Many a times, the success of our events depends very much on your contributions! Find out how you can volunteer with us.


Donations received will be used to help support our various centres, support groups, public education, and other programmes benefitting people with dementia and their families.


Multiply the effect of your actions. Through Corporate Social Responsibility, get your company or organisation involved in making a difference in the lives of those living with Alzheimer’s.


Each time when you make a purchase at our e-shop, you are helping to support ADA’s work in providing care for people with dementia and their caregivers.


Join your voices with ours.


ADA Resource & Training Centre
70 Bendemeer Road #06-02 Luzerne Building, Singapore 339940
Mon-Fri: 9am-6pm
6293 9971

Caregiver Support Centre
70 Bendemeer Road #03-02A Luzerne Building, Singapore 339940
Mon-Fri: 9am-6pm
6389 5121

Dementia Helpline
6377 0700

ADAcafe @ Agape V
7A Lorong 8 Toa Payoh #01-01 Agape Village, Singapore 319264
Mon-Fri: 8.30am-5.30pm
(closed on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays)

6904 4095

Family of Wisdom (Bendemeer)
72 Bendemeer Road #05-29 Luzerne Building, Singapore 339941
Mon-Fri: 9am-6pm
6291 6268

Family of Wisdom (Tiong Bahru)
298 Tiong Bahru Road #10-05 Central Plaza, Singapore 168730
Mon-Fri: 8.30am-5.30pm
6593 6440 / 6593 6442

Family of Wisdom (Toa Payoh)
7A Lorong 8 Toa Payoh #03-06 Agape Village, Singapore 319264
Mon-Fri: 8.30am-5.30pm
6801 7483

New Horizon Centre (Bukit Batok)
Blk 511 Bukit Batok Street 52, #01-211, Singapore 650511
Mon-Fri: 7.30am-6.30pm
6565 9958

New Horizon Centre (Jurong Point)
1 Jurong West Central 2, #04-04 Jurong Point Shopping Centre, Singapore 648886
Mon-Fri: 7.30am-6.30pm
6790 1650

New Horizon Centre (Tampines)
Blk 362 Tampines Street 34, #01-377, Singapore 520362
Mon-Fri: 7.30am-6.30pm
6786 5373

New Horizon Centre (Toa Payoh)
Blk 157 Toa Payoh Lorong 1, #01-1195, Singapore 310157
Mon-Fri: 7.30am-6.30pm
6353 8734

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